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Opening for Director of Public Works

Wyalusing Borough Director of Public Works

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Position Description

Position Summary:

The Director of Public Works will be responsible for the maintenance of Borough equipment and property. He/she will coordinate projects assigned by the Borough Council, and be present for monthly meetings. He/she must also be available night and weekends for snowplowing and emergencies within the Borough. The Director will also coordinate mowing, tree trimming, paving and other large maintenance projects. He/she will be responsible for collecting brush, leaves, and sticks, and depositing them at our composting area.



It’s desired that the Director of Public Works have mechanical knowledge, and experience of at least six months. He/she must be able to operate tractors, skid steers, dump trucks, snow plows and other moving equipment and vehicles. He/she must have a valid driver’s license with at least 7 years of driving experience.



High School Graduate/GED equivalency. Literacy and basic competence in Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook.



30-35 hours a week. Part time position.


Compensation will be hourly and based on level of experience. Paid vacation, holidays and sick time is available.


Essential Functions:

  1. Maintain and service Borough equipment and vehicles at regular intervals checking fluid levels.
  2. All vehicles, equipment, tools and accessories must be stored in their proper location.
  3. Pick up brush, leaves, and lawn clippings from Borough residents homes at appointed time.
  4. Pick up debris at Borough Park.
  5. Clean storm drains and ditches of leaves and debris as needed.
  6. Ensure that all street signs are present and visible to pedestrians and motorists.
  7. Ensure that all Borough street lights and cameras are working properly, and replace as needed.
  8. Monitor traffic signals for outages.
  9. Monitor the condition of Borough streets and sidewalks and repair as needed with consultation from Council.
  10. Sweep streets in Spring and Fall and remove debris as needed.
  11. Spray weeds along streets and sidewalks to maintain a well- groomed appearance.
  12. Oversee community service volunteers and workers when present in the Borough
  13. Perform routine maintenance, as needed, on Borough buildings and ensure they are kept clean and orderly.
  14. Hire additional help where needed and authorized and keep accurate records of their time worked and jobs completed.
  15. Required to attend Borough council meetings
  16. Supply plans for projects to Council and/or Committees.
  17. Coordinate with the cemetery supervisor and assist the cemetery supervisor with projects and burial plot location.
  18. Perform any other duties as required by the Borough Council commensurate to the position.


The Director of Public Works will report to the Borough Council and will be specifically supervised by the Council President or other designated Council member.

Equipment Used:

Tractor, Skid steer, snow plow, dump truck, generator, leaf vac, lawn mower, weed wacker, various hand tools, and power tools.

Physical demands:

Heavy physical demands. Requires lifting of over 50lbs and occasionally over 80 lbs. Lifting, pushing and operating of heavy equipment and materials.

Working conditions:

This individual with be exposed to extremes in weather conditions, and will be required to work at night, or for extended hours. This will primarily apply during the winter months for snow plowing or in other emergency situations, i.e. flooding, water main break, etc.

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